The Swords of Midgar

Session 3: Another New Adventurer!

So much adventururururerurerers!!!!

Morning arrives in Teldrynom, and our adventurers find themselves searching the town for further supplies such as potions. During their investigation of the town, they managed to find an alchemist who sold them many potions of healing of various effectiveness!

Meanwhile, a new unknown character lurks and follows our heroes. Finally, while the party was investigating the possible use of Acids or Fire and it’s effectiveness against Trolls, an interesting Warlock appears, and he brings beer!

After some conversation (over a beer) Daitini decides he will join the party in their quest to find the four sword fragments!

Our heroes leave Teldrynom behind for the time being to head towards what they believe to be the center of the Teldryn forest to find the Rumored “Vale of Luminosity”!

A few hours outside of town, the Fighter only known as “The Undistinguished Boiler Plate, BSM” Loses hold of his Longsword whilst cutting through thick jungle – and it lands in a nest of Giant Wasps! Sky, and Erdan are badly injured during the fight against the nest of Giant Wasps, however their new companion, the Warlock Daitini, uses a Fire Bolt spell to burn the nest to the ground whilst the remainder of the party hacks, slashes, and shoots the remaining insectoid terrors to death! The party tenderly cares to their companions needs by forcing potion after potion down their unconscious throats until they finally regain consciousness!

A long rest entailed, and afterwards the group journeyed onward into the forest once again. After another several days of travel, our heroes come upon a deep cavern entrance! Using a nearby boulder, two of our heroes combined their lengths of rope and tied them together so that the party could make their way into the crevasse. Upon entering the cavern, they realized that after such a long travel, their friend Erdan was very exhausted and must rest!

The heroes put their heads together and set up a plan for watch shifts, and in the morning the Warlock Daitini wandered off down the only corridor parting from the room. He discovered a group of Kobolds (after tossing a skull around) heading towards his newfound friends, and used his disguise kit to play dead! After the Kobolds ran past him, he then proceeded to incinerate them with a Burning Hands spell, keeping his group safe from harm!

The party then entered the next cavern finding not much of use, but instead finding the room to be more of an intersection. Splitting into two groups, the party traverses the two possible corridors from the room. Cora, whilst attempting to use her expertise to disarm a tripwire, accidentally fires the trap upon herself and takes a hit that almost caused her to die! Luckily due to Daitini’s ability to gather useful herbs earlier in the forest, along with pick-pocketing from Erdan, he was able to create a make-shift cure for her poison. Good thing she isn’t “deep in shit” anymore!

Meanwhile, The Undistinguished Boiler Plate BSM was exploring the Eastward tunnel, and found yet another trip wire, and another cavern as well! The party re-grouped and rested after such a traumatic event, and headed eastward through the tunnel system into a very large cavernous room with a deep crevasse in the center, but that’s not all, there are a clan of Goblins here!

Utilizing the Entangle Spell again, Lorilla Sparklegem holds the Goblins hostage whilst the remainder of the party beat back the goblins until the evil creatures are no more! Searching through the goblin’s meager belongings, they find a mediocre 6 gold but keep their heads high, as riches are not the only treasures in the world. Life is the most precious of all treasures, and they intend to keep Midgar alive and well and prevent the potential war by defeating the Evil Gavis, using the four sword fragments they have been striving towards finding! Upon further investigation of the room, they discover the crevasse in the center actually has a staircase spiraling down into the abyss!

Now, with a safe resting area, the party decides it’s time for a well deserved rest. What lurks down in the deeper caverns of this dark tunnel system? Where is this rumored Vale of Luminosity? There are so many questions to be answered, and so much work yet to be done by our heroes – they are merely scratching the surface of the mysteries to yet be discovered in this nation of Midgar!



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