The Swords of Midgar

Session 1: All Great Adventures Start Somewhere...

A sword.. Magi? Sorcerer..? My brain hurts!

An interesting pair of adventurers approaches the Nation of Midgar aboard the Air-ship “the Midsummer Night”. Here, they met Air Captain Holt, and his first mate Sven. The pair then helped the captain and his crew make for landing.

They docked in the small mountain town of Charnevall, located on the southern boarder of Midgar, near the Knives Edge Coast and nestled at the base of the Dragonspine Mountains.

While in town, the pair got their paws on some small (halfling-sized) winged-boots!.. Though they aren’t sure what they do yet….

Then, they met an interesting young woman named Sky. She says that she is from the northern kingdom of Ivarmarch. She tells the adventurers about the horrid Sorcerer Gavis and his evil rule of the Nation as Steward of the throne. She claims that he poisoned the king even! She thinks the only way to stop his evil reign is to destroy him using a magical artifact called “the Convention” which is made up of four parts, the Shard of Earth, the Shard of Wind, the Shard of Fire, and the Shard of Water. She is unsure of where exactly to find these pieces, and needs their help searching for clues and information!

She convinces them to join in her quest and they all rest for the night…



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