Brief Overview

The Malevolent Sorcerer (and Steward to the Throne) Gavis has poisoned the King of Midgar, killing him. In the Kings absence, Gavis has thrown the Nation into a steep decline. A team of assassins was sent to kill Gavis, however the assassination attempt failed due to his powerful magicks. The lone survivor, Sky, a Knight of the Northern Kingdom of Ivarmarch, now has exiled herself in search of what she believes may be the only way to save Midgar.

Sky searches for the broken shards of the great weapon “the Convention”. The four pieces (the shards of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water) are rumored to have scattered to the far reaches of the Continent, and Sky seeks clues or knowledge of their potential whereabouts.

The Kingdoms of the north, recently referring to themselves as “the Alliance of the Northern Territories” may potentially be on the brink of war with Midgar, as Gavis has been slaughtering their messengers and stringing them from the gates of Castle Midgar.

Only the most stalwart of folk could potentially help to dissolve this great tension in the world, as everything has fallen to pieces and will need to be rebuilt. Who can help Sky re-combine the lost pieces of the convention? Can Gavis truely be defeated? Are there even deeper and darker secrets surrounding this evil Sorcerer?

Brief Overview

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