Legend of the Convention

Long ago, a great four Mages were created by the gods to watch over the world. Each embodying a different element – Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. For many ages, the Magi watched over their denizens and the lands flourished with wonderful plant life and animals. Societies grew in peace, and the Mages rewarded their peaceful peoples with the ability to use magiks. However unbeknownst to the Magi, there were darker forces watching closely their every move. When the time was right to strike, a terrible demon emerged from the depths of the world, and caused chaos and pain across the continents. Fires grew, mountains erupted, cities fell and people fled to the farthest reaches until they could run no more.

Just then, when all hope was lost, a lone Warrior pressed forth with vengeance. He fought valiantly, however was forced to flee as his strength was not enough to out match the powerful demon.

The Magi poured over his selflessness and bravery, and forged their powers into a weapon for this great nameless champion. Forfeiting their lives, they embodied a blade with the power and force of all of the gods’ creations. The Warrior then drew up his strength, wielding this newfound weapon, and challenged the great demon again. The fight was brief, as the Warrior struck down the terrible beast with a swift and precise flurry of blows – damning the demon back to the pits from whence it came.

As the demon fell and the ashes scattered to the winds, the warrior disappeared in a bright flash of light beaming towards the heavens, as the sword he wielded shattered into 4 pieces, each piece shooting out to the far corners of the world. A millennia passed, and no one has since seen the Great Warrior, the Magi, or the Elemental Sword, which has now long since been known as “the Convention”, such events have passed down over the ages into legend…

Legend of the Convention

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