The Swords of Midgar

Session 2: The More the Merrier!

Lets do this, Leeeeeroyyyyyyy!!!

As dawn peaks over the horizon on the small town of Charnevall, the party regroups in the taverns main room. They meet two new adventurers that were also aboard the Midsummer Night! They are informed of the current situation and the quest that must be endured, and agree to join the cause.

They set out in search of the rumored “Vale of Luminosity” which is said to be within the thick forest of Teldryn. Along their way, they fought with a flock of Blood Hawks! Utilizing the Entangle spell, the Heroes made quick work of the squawkers, discovering long-lost corpses of travelers and their chest of loot! After divvying the booty, they continued on their way.

As the day was coming to a close, our heroes came at last upon a small civilization, the town named of the forest Teldrynom. Here, they met with Captain of the Guard and head of the Hall of Hunters, Leon. He heard their tale, and agreed to provide supplies and board for the night!

Our Heroes still have a long journey ahead of them, but they feel as if just the small journey to Teldrynom has made them a bit stronger, and eagerly look upon the suns rising to search for the Vale of Luminosity!



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